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The program is organized for young people who are so interested in leadership and educational administration that they can acknowledge to the overview of education in Vietnam, distinctive characteristics of educational leadership, and key issues in educational development nowadays

ABG Education

Why should participate in?


Maybe you are a teacher who is good at specialist knowledge and teaching method but don’t know how the educational system is operated or how educational philosophy should be built and implemented, which differences between education in and out of school, etc. ABG Edu would like to provide a comprehensive view and educational system.


Not only the teachers but also much more components are participating as educators. Who they are, which their contribution and impact on educational goals? Whether we need to connect those to share, learn, exchange and cooperate for educational contribution or not. The ABG educators community is a place that is so worthy to join.


Educational leadership requires not only key leadership skills but also characteristic knowledge that nurture and develop suitable educational management capability. ABG would like to equip promising educational leaders.

Who should participate in?

Officers or agencies that research on education

Officers in educational program/ project/ social organization

Teachers/ Managers in public or private schools

Leaders/Manager in educational businesses and startups

ABG Education


Tư duy chiến lược và trải nghiệm phong phú của các diễn giả/cố vấn tham gia chương trình sẽ mở ra không gian kiến thức phong phú và sâu sắc, chia sẻ nhiều bài học quý giá, giúp xây dựng tầm nhìn, hình thành năng lực, bản lĩnh và ý chí của nhà lãnh đạo.

Macro issues for educational development in Vietnam will be analyzed and discussed by the experts such as autonomy policy, school administration, educational innovation, online education, etc. The highlight educational subject is considered on a comprehensive picture

From experts/leaders who have various experiences will bring profound lessons, avoid unrewarding failures, and withdraw time to reach the destination.

Connect to the leading experts, learn with talented and like-minded young people. ABG is a network that helps young people interact, cooperate, especially this network will continuously expand.


Module A

Overview of current issues in Education

Module B

Educational leadership

Module G

Educational Administration and Operation

ABG Education

ABG Education Journey

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