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The program designed for the special and prominent topics in leadership and administration in Vietnam provides an overall view and systematic mindset to a certain issue that Vietnam leadership capability might be challenged for sustainable development missions

Why should participate in?

If you are interested in the problem/topic that the program concentrates on and want to know what happen, what the core problem is, and what trend and solutions are

If you want to interact with experts/leaders who have experiences in those faculties/fields to hear their sharing, lessons and discuss/ask them

If you are looking for opportunities to connect with people who work in that faculties/fields to exchange and cooperate them

Who should participate in?

ABG - nuôi dưỡng năng lực lãnh đạo của thế hệ trẻ vì sự phát triển bền vững của Việt Nam


Chương trình Lãnh đạo trẻ Giáo dục ABG có gì độc đáo?

Give an overview and comprehensive picture to systematize the issue/subject

Update the latest information from practicality in Vietnam and over the world

Share the story and Challenges to discuss and seek ideas and solutions.

The program only lasts up to 3 months and the activities are flexibly designed to enhance interaction and observing practicality.


Official sessions with experts, advisers

Group activities, Freetalk, Debate, Dialogue, etc to increase interaction and share various perspectives

Extracurricular activities, Field Trips to practical experiences, spread and contribute to the community

Các buổi đối thoại cởi mở trao đổi về 1 hoặc nhiều chủ đề

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Học bổng Lãnh đạo trẻ ABG - ABG Open 09
Học bổng Lãnh đạo trẻ ABG - ABG Open 09