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The program is organized for young people who would like to broaden their knowledge and multi-experience to develop themselves and nurture comprehensive leadership capabilities.


Why should participate in?

Do not know which direction for the development of yourself and your team, how to solve the current difficulties? What will the next steps? Self-development and social contribution can be parallel? ABG Open will help you expand your vision to determine the ahead route.
You want to create a breakout for yourself/team but haven't found motivation, or leverage because of barriers from visible risks and intrinsic conflicts? Experts and advisors from ABG will share with you their lessons, and support you with their own experiences.
On the journey towards the goals, you need to have companies and partners to move together. You will find great associates in the ABG network.

Who should participate in?

Đối tượng

Young leaders from 25-30 years old who are studying/working in any field

Vị trí

Unlimited living and working area

Kinh nghiệm

Have founded or operated/managed the team/group/organization is an advantage

Mục tiêu

Having will and aspiration to achieve your goals, desire to contribute to the community


Strategic mindset and various experiences of speakers/adviors will broaden your various and profound knowledge as well as comprehensive lessons, which will not only set a vision but also build capability, bravery and will for leaders

ABG advisors and experts networking are the leading politicians, scholars, and entrepreneurs in Vietnam, who are giants sharing with you knowledge, experiences, and profound lessons

The program is an open space for young people to participate, share various perspectives, and connected into a large network

The environment requires initiative, pioneering spirit, capability to lead the team, and macro-mindset. Besides, practicing both physical and will in any practical circumstances is also a challenge that needs to be overcome


Module A

Overview knowledge for leaders (Culture, History, Economy, Institution and Law etc )


Leadership skills and mindset (Decision-making, Strategic thinking, Public speaking, Speech writing etc)


Practical challenges that leaders face (Business, Healthcare, Public Policy etc)

ABG Open

ABG Open Journey

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Học bổng Lãnh đạo trẻ ABG - ABG Open 09
Học bổng Lãnh đạo trẻ ABG - ABG Open 09